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Kaye is committed to developing the best thermal validation systems available. In doing so, we continue to improve existing products while developing new solutions. For the convenience of our customers, we permit the installation of Kaye validation software on multiple workstations provided the computers are used within the same company.


Authorized firmware copies are available only through Kaye or a Kaye Authorized Service Center. Service and upgrades performed by non-authorized parties void all warranties in effect from Kaye.

Kaye strives to maintain a highly trained service organization using fully tested components. When you use Kaye service you obtain the full support of the manufacturer.

If you need assistance with upgrades or have other questions about your Kaye products, please contact the Customer Service Department nearest you.

System Upgrades/Installation

To download system upgrades simply select the desired title below and submit the completed form (first time visitors only). You can then download the files, unzip them to your desktop and follow the corresponding Installation Instructions that appear under.

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