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To avoid the risk of Failed IRTD As Founds, Kaye has always recommended having an additional non-working IRTD which is stored in a drawer and can be used to perform comparison checks on other working RTD's on a periodic basis. This can significantly reduce risk and help minimize efforts and paperwork if an IRTD fails AS Found.

The IRTD WIN software is a software program which allows the communication and display of multiple IRTD at one time. This allows working IRTD to be compared to the non- working IRTD and checked for variations. Any significant variations would warrant the working unit sent to the factory for evaluation.

IRTD to be connected to PC with installed IRTD Win Software using the Interface Box, Power supply and RS232 serial com cable provided with your IRTD.

Contact the Service Department if your PC does not have a RS232 serial com port anymore to advice you about a suitable USB to serial adapter and the necessary settings and parameters.

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