Return Material Authorization Form – Validation – Kaye Product Line

Thank you for choosing the manufacturer of your Kaye equipment to provide Service.

To speed up the RMA process – please download the RMA Excel file, fill it out completely and return it to Customer Care in St. Marys, PA for processing ( ).  Once we receive your completed RMA form, we will send you a price quote by email. If price quote is correct, please issue your purchase order based on that quote. 

Once we receive your purchase order, we will send you a confirmation, RMA number and shipping label. 

After that – please return your instruments to St. Marys with RMA number clearly shown on the outside of the shipment.

Shipping Address:

Amphenol Advanced Sensors
967 Windfall Rd
St. Mary's PA 15857

Phone: 814-834-9140
Fax: 814-781-7969

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