Validation Instruments

Validation Instruments

The Kaye product range is designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements for process improvement, thermal validation and reporting. Specializing in providing turnkey system solutions and supporting them with unmatched technical service, we offer a complete range of temperature standards, baths, thermocouples and fittings, all designed to provide the most accurate process measurement available. The Kaye product range is relied upon by the worlds leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to validate and monitor critical sterilization processes as required by governing regulatory bodies.

Validation Instruments

Kaye Validator AVS
The Kaye Validator AVS (Advanced Validation System)
innovative state-of-the-art hardware design; pre-programmed, rugged validation console with intuitive user interface; asset centric concept / reporting analytics software features 

NEW - Kaye RF ValProbe II

Wireless High accuracy measurement of temperature and humidity

Kaye ValProbe® Cryo Temperature Logger with thin and very flexible sensor

The new Cryo Logger with the very thin and flexible tip is the perfect datalogger for an extended temperature range from
-85°C to 140°C.

Kaye Validator 2000

Kaye Validator
A thermal validation solution for inspection of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing.

Kaye RF ValProbe
The Kaye RF ValProbe integrates breakthrough RF Mesh technology with proven thermal validation insitu loggers.

ValProbe Freeze Dryer Logger

Kaye ValProbe®
Freeze Dryer Logger

Ideal for Freeze Dryer shelf temperature measurement,  the new surface temperature Logger design provides enhanced measurement capability in precision capability over an extended temperature range from -85°C to +140°C.


Kaye ValProbe Wireless
A wireless probe design eliminates the need for hard-wired sensors simplifying access to hostile, remote or hard to reach environments.

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