Kaye Netpac Wired

Data Acquisition System

A system approach to premium, low cost process I/O

The Netpac system is a distributed, industrial I/O network that provides the most cost effective data acquisition system available.

The Netpac system uses remote modules to condition, measure, linearize and transmit process variables to a host computer. From the host, you have the power of performing calculations, trending, archiving and reporting.

Prepackaged, hardened for the real world and linked by a twisted pair network to a host computer, Netpac is a complete and easy to install turnkey system. Netpac is cost competitive with less capable I/O systems and offers the premium quality - high accuracy measurements, superior noise rejection and unmatched reliability.

Individual Netpac nodes can be configured to accommodate between 20 and 100 points, and up to 16 nodes can be linked via a single twisted pair cable. This modular approach saves installation time and wiring costs that can effectively pay for the system itself. Hardware configurations include NEMA 2 and water-tight NEMA 4 enclosures as well as standard rack mounting.


  • Reduced installation cost with prepackaged, hardened nodes - including enclosures and power supply
  • Minimized wiring costs by locating nodes near sensors
  • I/O distributed up to three miles from host computer
  • Measures sensors, transducers and transmitters with output control capability
  • Modular system is easily expanded



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