Kaye CTR Liquid Baths

Kaye Uniform Liquid Baths

The CTR-80 bath is the ideal unit for calibrating temperature sensors used in freeze dryers, freezers, and cryo units. Operating from -80 to 30°C, the CTR-80 brings fast response and high stability to your cold temperature applications. With a cool-down time of 120 minutes from ambient to -80°C, and a stability and uniformity of ±0.03°C, the CTR-80 outperforms all other low temperature baths in its class.

For thermal validation applications, you can save more time by using the CTR-80 with a Validator® 2000 system. The Validator 2000 sets the CTR automatically to your calibration points, determines stability and deviation, and corrects sensor offsets.


  • 120-minute cool-down time from 30 to -80°C
  • large capacity for multiple and different size sensors
  • stability and uniformity of ±0.03°C
  • indicates temperature to 0.01°C resolution
  • automates calibration when used with the Validator 2000
  • quiet operation



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