Kaye Thermocouple Feedthru

Thermocouple Feedthru

Feedthru fittings provide Kaye thermocouple access to pressure vessel penetrations found in steam, gas sterilizers, dry heat ovens and lyophilizers.

Kaye feedthrus are machined from Stainless Steel and accommodate up to 18 thermocouples, or can be easily paired through a Y-adapter to provide capacity for up to 36 thermocouples. Silicone rubber seals are suitable for pressure and vacuum service.


  • Accommodates from 1 to 18 thermocouples of any (or varying) diameter
  • No threads or sharp edges to damage thermocouple wires
  • No hole plugs required for unused t/c ports
  • Accepts labeled thermocouples
  • Simple and inexpensive silicone rubber sealing gaskets
  • Standard 1.5" tri-clamp connections
  • Easily installed with no tools required
  • TUV certified for pressure vessels from -1 bar /+5 bar, and -60°C / + 160°C



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