Kaye Validator Pressure Transducer

Kaye Validator Pressure Transducer

In order to meet the stringent requirements of EN554 and ISO-17665, it is a requirement that saturated conditions are also validated along with temperature.

An easy to use, accurate and reliable pressure transducer is available for the Kaye Validator System.



  • Designed for the harsh environment applications such as steam sterilizers and SIP systems
  • High performance pressure transducer, specified at full temperature range of autoclave
  • Can be directly connected to 1.5 in triclover flange
  • Full ISO-17025 traceable calibration over pressure and temperature range
  • East of Use – wires directly to Kaye Validator with no additional wiring or power supplies required.


Type Absolute Pressure Transducer
Range 0 bar to 4 bar (59 psia) Absolute
Sensitivity 1V to 5V
Non-linearity & hysteresis ±0.2% combined
Temp. compensated range 110°C – 140°C
Accuracy 10mbar (0.147 psi) at 110°C – 140°C
Calibration Pressure calibration performed at 23°C and 121°C


Software Support

The Kaye Validator Report Wizard provides EN554,HTM2010 and IS-17665 complaint reports. The user can create:

  • Saturated Pressure and Temperature Graph Reports utilizing temperature and pressure actual data along side calculate saturated readings
  • Automatic equilibration pass/fail determination
  • Automatic Tb, Tb+3 limit determination based on temperature versus saturate temperature, or pressure versus saturated pressure.
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